A worldwide network of security PROFESSIONALS

Troy Linforth

Co-Founder / CEO

With several years experience in CSR and CSM Troy has had front-line experience working with Australia's largest provider of telecommunications and has been privy to the failings of current security systems that safeguard most of today's industries.

Troy set out to enhance community security in the developing field of public key cryptography, and by chance fell in love with Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Since then Troy has designed a proprietary Special Purpose Acquisition Contract based on the type of investment fund that allows public stock market investors to invest in private equity type transactions, Called: VERONICA.

As CCO of several ICO venture and Communications Consultant to blockchain related startups, Troy experienced first hand the issues that plague the ICO community and set out on a mission to create a safer eco-system for crowdfunding.

Nathan Hart

Co-Founder / COO

As COO of a UK based cryptocurrency startup, Nathan was responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of 10 staff who reported directly to him.

From forging partnerships with exotic car rental services To the inception of marketing strategies that saw the brand represented at the opening night of a European film, Nathan has the dedication and a drive to succeed in every venture he applies himself too.

Nathan left his most recent project and decided to commit his skills to create a safer environment for blockchain funding, From his time as COO Nathan has assembled a network of professionals and a team adept in mitigating malicious attacks.