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ICO’s around the world have been used to raise about $3.7 billion, But more than 10%, or roughly $400 million of that amount, has been stolen in various attacks.
— EY Consulting

Working with industry professionals and augmenting their work with our AI-Based assistant, Linhart Blockchain Consultants is able to provide a level of support previously unavailable utilizing existing methods.



AI-BASED soc assistant

Using real-time monitoring of several key data sources, Our AI-Based Secure Operations Center Assistant enables preemptive detection and swift responses.

Machine Learning

detect the weak links

The best security is only as strong as its weakest link, Utilizing our advanced AI assistant we can detect and respond to any threats before they are discovered by malicious actors.


anti-phishing domain monitoring

Using open-source tools we monitor the registration of new SSL certificates alongside new domain registrations, This enables us to discover sites that could be used as phishing website before they've completed their setup.


Verifying your online IDENTITY

Validate your existing social presence and protect it from imitation, Feeding data from all major social media platforms into our AI-Based SOC, We can identify impostors before they can inflict damage to your reputation. 


domain & social media TAKE-DOWNS

Once our AI-Based assistant and/or our security engineers discover a threat, We take several steps working with industry leading tools to blacklist and initiate domain takedown procedures.



Master of all things text and chat, Our telegram bot designed specifically for Blockchain communities based off open-source code is endlessly configurable for you specific needs, block links while setting approved media from trusted sources.



Running our AI-Based assistant and other detection tools on the Google Cloud Platform allows our systems and operations to maintain 99% up-time when deployed at maximum capacity. 


secure your community

Reporting of all activity within your Telegram and cross referencing it against other identifiers can stop those sitting within your chats but attacking users via PM



We are the only UK based security firm that offers its clients Service Level Agreements, This enables you to know upfront the quality and availability of the services we provide.


24/7 support

With support staff located across the world, Your dedicated support team is here to resolve any issues and assist with the protection of your venture.